Franz Beckenbauer and JPR Williams RIP

Started by The Picnic Wasp, January 08, 2024, 09:36:56 PM

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The Picnic Wasp

A terrible day for sporting legends. I admit to holding back tears about Franz. The most graceful yet powerful example of the defensive midfield role who ever kicked a ball.

I paid little attention to rugby when younger, probably because I was forced to play it at school. I was good at it but resented not being able to play my first love, football, which in all honesty I was excellent at. When I was 23 I went to Ibiza with my friends. There was a group of public schoolgirls there, from some obscure school close to the Welsh border where the uniform included a straw boater hat. Haberdashers springs to mind but I'd need to check. One day, sitting by the pool, drunk probably as I wasn't confident with girls, I spoke to one of the quieter members of the group. She had a long, faded scar on her shin. She had broken her leg quite badly and JPR Williams had fixed it. A bit long-winded but we got there. A clever, talented man. RIP.