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Started by Slim, March 02, 2022, 04:25:54 PM

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Quote from: Slim on May 11, 2022, 02:36:35 PMHere's one I found last night, probably taken a couple of years earlier - the house where I was brought up in Hartlepool. I lived there between 1960 and 1989 and it still belongs to my Mum, although she's in a care home now. It will be sold this year, hopefully. I was last there in October.

One of the art-deco curved window panes at the front got cracked and couldn't be replaced, so new frames went in with flat panes some time in the '70s. Great shame.

Tomorrow this place will leave our family and someone else will own it.

I thought about it just now because it occurred to me that the sun would just be going down in Hartlepool, and I thought of the dozens of late summer evenings when I played in the back garden as a child before coming in to watch The Avengers, or Department S, or The Man From Uncle. If I started to write about my memories of this place, from Christmas mornings, to learning to ride a bike in the garden, to tinkering with our first home computer on the living room table, I could go on for hours.

The house has been empty for months - and yet it's strange to think of the evening light dimming in the back garden for the very last time until someone else calls it home, after these six decades or so. I wish I was there to see that. I never will be again.

But who knows - perhaps a new family will get 60-odd years of memories out of it, as well. You never know.


I spent an hour going through old slides again yesterday and found this gem. My dad was the manager of the Drawing Office at Steetley Magnesite, a company that refined magnesia from sea water. Or something.

The Steetley chimney was a familiar Hartlepool landmark and my dad once told me that he went up it while it was being built, in 1961. It turns out that he took a couple of pics while he was up there.

Steetley closed, having changed hands a couple of times, about twenty years ago. The whole site has been demolished now to make way for housing and the chimney came down in 2012.

I worked there myself in 1980. I had a summer job as a storeman for a few weeks.

On the left of the pic, to the left of the brickie's elbow is the Spion Kop cemetery. It's still there, although disused. The little church you can see on the right has gone, though.


Taken on the same day in 1961 from the same vantage point, looking in the other direction (north). The Steetley Works.

The Picnic Wasp

Good Lord! What incredible photographs. Your father must have had nerves of steel to be perched up there even for a quick visit. I guess health and safety wasn't at the forefront of the managements' thinking then.


Agreed, fantastic photos. Especially that second one, so much going on there!


Taken in early September 1987 by my girlfriend at the time and not a great quality image, but: here I am atop the World Trade Centre. Glad I wasn't standing there 14 years later.

I still use that camera bag, I'd just got it when this was taken. Actually I only threw out the shirt about ten years ago. The stonewashed denim jacket is long gone.


Presumably had an embroidered starman on the back.


My grandparents on holiday in Tyrol, Austria. Taken in 1967.

Note the bottles of Beck's - a commonplace sight in Austria back then presumably, but not in the UK.


Grandad again (on the right) about 50 years earlier, with his comrades in the Royal Army Medical Corps.