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Started by Slim, February 26, 2022, 07:28:47 PM

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The Picnic Wasp

VAR just sums up what's wrong with football and society.


How do Saudi Arabia get handed a World Cup?.. unbelievable
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David L

Quote from: Fishy on October 31, 2023, 03:07:08 PMHow do Saudi Arabia get handed a World Cup?.. unbelievable


Strange goings on at Ajax? I've just read this and from that article Ajax I discovered that they are currently bottom of the Dutch Eredivisie - odd times indeed.
"Oh, for the wings of any bird other than a Battery hen."


United a goal up at Fulham a few minutes into the game and it's just as well. Must-win game for United. You've got to think Erik's job's on the line if they lose.

That said, it must be obvious by now that the manager isn't the problem.

Oh hang on .. it's gone to VAR ... was Maguire interfering with play in an offside position? Apparently he was, goal disallowed.


Bizarre and hugely entertaining game between Spurs and Chelsea tonight.

Amongst other barely-believable stats, from one point Tottenham had only three outfield players on the pitch who started the match.

Great stuff for the neutral.


Can't imagine it was as much fun in the ground! Unless you were a Chelsea fan, perhaps! All those VAR delays!

About time Spurs came a cropper. Hopefully they pick up a bit of negative momentum from this result and go on a long losing run😊


Harry Kane has already scored 20 goals for Bayern in all competitions, he's something like the Bundesliga Haaland. Which makes me wonder how many he'd have scored if he'd gone to Man City.


Quote from: Slim on October 25, 2023, 11:06:19 PMJust heard breaking news that the PL has recommended a 12 point deduction for Everton. Brutal.
10 points in the end - wow. An appeal has gone in of course.
"Oh, for the wings of any bird other than a Battery hen."


I think they should just suck that up, makes no meaningful difference to their season. They won't go down and they weren't going to get a Europa League place. Last season, it would have sent them down so they've got off lightly.