M.2 Solid State Drives

Started by Fishy, May 18, 2023, 07:10:45 PM

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I'd sort of forgotten about them because they were a bit pricy but I see you can get a Samsung 1TB for £55 now. Never tried one myself. At the moment I have conventional spinning disk for long term data (FLACs, movies etc) and an SSD for OS and home directory.

If I did get one (not sure my motherboard has the right sort of slots) I'd just replace the SSD.
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Yeah I'm tempted..I would need to get a pci adapter card which would then take the m.2 ssd.... reviews seem to suggest it's a lot faster than ssd which it was I use for everything now OS/ storage etc
From The Land of Honest Men


They are a lot more affordable these days. You can pick up 2Tb Gen 3 (no point putting Gen 4 in my system as it will only run at Gen 3) for less than £80 these days.

Crikey - this one is just over £60 now:


If you are put off by the unfamiliar name, well there is a similarly specced Lexar for £72. WD Blue for £86. And so on.

There are other retailers than Amazon of course.