What's in/on Your DVD/VCR/PVR etc

Started by pxr5, February 23, 2022, 08:06:38 PM

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"Oh, for the wings of any bird other than a Battery hen."


Watching the beebs This is Going To Hurt on iPlayer....
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Been watching Reacher on Amazon Prime. Will start a thread about that tomorrow I think.
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We binged all 5 seasons of Money Heist recently.

Have also gone back to Ozark too, restarted S3 again which I abandoned a few years ago.


I love Ozark, although in S3 its starting to get a little contrived

This is Going to Hurt i sgood as well, although I remember the books being funnier, and less PC

Thats the BBC for you I guess


Juggling a few things at the moment.

Amazon Prime:

BBC iPlayer
This Is Going To Hurt
The Responder

Stay Close

Bones (nearing the end of season 8 at the moment)
Big Sky season 2

And from other sources as we can't wait for the UK platforms to catch up . . .

The Rookie season 4
Seal Team season 5
S.W.A.T. season 5
New Amsterdam season 4

Oh - actually Seal Team season 5 has just finished. We've just watched the last cliff-hanging episode. Bummer. Long wait for season 6 and a rumoured film now I guess.

I see that Stranger Things season 4 has a release date set for May 2022 in the UK. Bring it on, although I expect the dynamics are going to be very different to the previous seasons.


Watching Stay Close reminded me about another Harlan Coben adaptation I saw a few years ago - The Five.

I'd like to watch it again, and have just received it (used) from Music Magpie for £3 and some change. I think I could have watched it on Amazon Prime for £9.99 but that kind of sticks in the throat when I already pay a subscription to them.

Drifting slightly . . .

I did actually pay Amazon Prime extra for the last Fabulous Baker Brothers TV series - but that was the only way I could get to watch it. Not available on DVD. Ho hum.

This is it, in case anyone is wondering (I have their previous 2 series on DVD):


Promising Young Woman

Rating: ****

A kind of avenging angel comedy/drama/thriller with a very dark edge, this won the Oscar for Best Screenplay in 2021 and was nominated in several other categories (writer/director is Killing Eve Season 2 showrunner Emerald Fennell).

One such was Best Actress for Carey Mulligan - and I have to say she is utterly astounding, so quite how Frances McDormand was preferred for the award for the underwhelming Nomadland is baffling.

Some reviews described this film as a furious statement for the "#MeToo" movement, but that strikes me as far too simplistic - this is a multi-layered film that slowly twists the viewer round its finger, culminating in one of the most tense and disturbing extended final scenes I have endured in a long time.

Highly recommended; but, as mentioned, do be warned - it's pretty dark!


Still watching M*A*S*H every day, 66 episodes in now. 290 to go! Nearing the end of the third series.
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Crikey Slim I'm doing the same with Heartland! (what?) there are 234 episodes wife and I are on 172.

Heartland is a lovely series based in Canada, Alberta about daily life on a farm that looks after horses where the main character is a young lady who is a horse whisperer/trainer.


I continue to watch the marvellous Norally travel the world on her motorbike single-handedly on the Itchy boots You Tube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/ItchyBoots

Currently travelling through Central America.

She is a truly amazing person.


Started the new series of Killing Eve.. but I think i've had enough already...(as has the Mrs)
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I got bored of it halfway through the last series. It really seemed to ramble and lose momentum.
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Servant Season 3.. it's gone a bit shit as well...
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The cruellest M*A*S*H episode of all, today. Henry gets to go home, but the writers kill him off.

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