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Rush - Test For Echo

Started by Slim, July 28, 2022, 09:20:41 PM

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Quote from: Slim on July 29, 2022, 02:52:12 PMI haven't listened to it that much quite honestly, I don't know. Might have a listen through on a bike ride and come back to this thread then.

I haven't done this, which perhaps tells its own story. But I will some time.

The Picnic Wasp

There's just a bad feel to this album. I'm not sure if it's where the band's heads were at or where mine was at the time. Maybe a combination of the two for me but I never feel the inclination to play it anymore. Thinking about it, it's probably more to do with the band. I find Queen's Innuendo a difficult listen but that's for personal reasons and not down to the music which is excellent. Snakes & Arrows is their other low mood effort for me, but I listen to it occasionally. I must have a look at where TFE was recorded to figure out if it's a studio thing.


That's interesting, I don't get a bad feel from it. To me it sounds more upbeat and happy than the previous couple of albums. It definitely has a bit more energy. The stinkers spoil it for me mostly, I think. Dog Years and Virtuality.

Virtuality is a strange one in that it's a cynical and negative (and naive) song about the Internet that arrived at the very time that the Internet arrived to revive and sustain my relationship with Rush. But that's not why I dislike it.

The Picnic Wasp

Well, Bearsville Studios. Reputedly haunted. That'll be it!


Quote from: The Picnic Wasp on October 05, 2022, 04:19:43 PMWell, Bearsville Studios. Reputedly haunted. That'll be it!
Haunted by Albert Grossman??
From The Land of Honest Men