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The Beatles

Started by Slim, June 18, 2022, 10:16:32 PM

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Paul is 80 today. Feels like a moment. And he'll be playing Glasto in a few days' time.

The future is stranger than I imagined it would be, in some ways.


I've always liked him as a musician and songwriter.  Clearly he has a remarkable natural aptitude for both, despite - or perhaps because of - no formal musical training.

Looking forward to his Glasto appearance - on the old site there was a annual thread which, erm, "reviewed" the festival...usually started by me. ::)

So it's tempting to go OT and bang on about how the other year Nile Rodgers & Chic being followed by headliner Ed Sheeran resulted in the biggest anticlimax in Glasto history, when a simple swapping of their slots...ah, it's for another thread.  :-\


neither like or dislike Beatles or Mccartney.

But I have loved watching the various documentaries that seem to be around at the moment, fascinating to watch


I'm very intrigued by reports of the new Revolver remix - although the masters are two-track, de-mixing technology has been used to isolate the vocals and the instruments - even individual drums on Ringo's kit have been isolated - and reportedly, the results are stunning.

Stereo production was in its infancy in 1966 and until now there's not been much that could be done to rescue it. The new tech changes all that; the instruments and vocals can be moved around separately on the soundstage.

Lots of outtakes and alternative recordings and all that as well, although I find those to be of limited value personally.


Just listened to the preview of Taxman from the Revolver remix on Spotify while comparing closely to the 2010 remaster version - it's a big improvement. All the instruments have more presence. It sounds really full and punchy and most of all, the stereo mix sounds more natural. Terrific!