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Started by Nickslikk2112, June 18, 2022, 09:40:57 PM

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I could well be moaning about it - I do about most things...

I'm currently drinking an Argentine fortified Malbec called Malamado. It's OK, bit spicier than a Port and with a definite hint of Currants. It was on offer at Tesco, I'd buy it again - on offer.


I'm not a fan of wine but in the last couple of years ago I started stealing the wife's Sauvignon Blanc to consume with food - very refreshing after a bike ride if it's chilled. I started buying my own Chilean version (she likes the New Zealand variant) because it's cheap from Tesco, £3.89 a bottle. Highly quaffable.

Sometimes I steal her Merlot as well and that can be very nice if I'm in the right mood. I don't drink that with food, though.


Just remembered, with Saturday's Charlie Bigham Chicken and Ham Gratin we had a 2013 Saintsbury Carneros Chardonnay.

At that age I thought it might have been a bit old, but no, was still very fresh. It was one I'd found in my dad's "Wine Cellar" I assume he bought it a few Christmases back and forgot about. So it was nice to drink and remember the old feller. I introduced him to Saintsbury back in the days when I was richer.


Love my reds but can't abide whites or pinks.

As far as bargains go, Aldi have a Tempranillo by Toro Loco which is about 4 quid and is pretty impressive for the price.  I tried it after reading an article on The Independent's site which mentioned it had compared favourably with wines at ten times the price in blind taste tests.


I started out as a white wine man before switching over to red, but whites are creeping back again, I drink about 2:1 red to white, but a well chilled, crisp rosé is perfect on a hot summer's evening.

David L

Like a Pinot Grigio blush, I do


St Hallett Faith Shiraz for me tonight. Meaty, Beaty, Big and Bouncy :)

Don't really go in for Pinot Grigio, especially not blush ones - even though it can give pink wines - I like me a nice golden, honeyed Pinot Gris from Alsace. I'd have cracked one open tonight to celebrate the TdF finishing on La Planche des Belles Filles, but I can't afford one :(


Got an Italian white wine tasting coming up next weekend .. forgotten all about it tbh...
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Had some decent stuff over Xmas.
Some of it was remainder wines from what my dad had got in for previous years.

The Saintsbury Pinot Noir 2018 was great. Even let the sister in law sample that on Boxing day.
A Duckhorn Chardonnay was lovely rich and ripe, great with smoked salmon.

I'd sourced a Tio Pepe en Rama Fino Sherry. En Rama sherries are bottled without filtering and this was lovely bready and fresh.

With Xmas pud we had a Chateau Climens 2012 Barsac. Just a half bottle, a very expensive half bottle, but a properly botrytised Sauternes. Sublime.

Most expensive bottle was a Quinta da Noval Colheita 2007. Colheitas are vintage dated Tawnies and I was expecting something over and above a normal tawny. It's good, I'm finishing it off now, but probably too subtle for me. Being laid low with a bad cold doesn't help.


Just realised I haven't had a bottle of port this year. We went on a tour of a port house in Porto and they gave us some lovely stuff to sample.


I've been drinking this, this week. Just a small glass with food in the evening. We were given it as a present. I'm not really fond of it. Despite what the bottle says, it's not what I'd call crisp. Soft and bland. A little sweet, and slightly peachy. It's OK though.


Anyone had 19 Crimes?

When it started appearing on shelves seemingly everywhere I wondered whether I might try it, but the fact it was available everywhere from supermarkets to the pokiest little corner shops along with your Jacob Creeks and your Yellow Tails suggested it would be no more than average.

However, last year I was bought a bottle of its Red Wine on the anniversary of my current employment start date and, goodness me, it's actually really, really good considering its price point.

£6.99 in my village store - absolute bargain.


Had the coffee infused 19 crimes which I thought was bloody awful..
From The Land of Honest Men


Finally got round to having a bottle of "The Flower and the Bee", the Spanish souson I bought with my Selfridges gift card.

It was okay; on opening, it had a very enticing smoky aroma which promised much, however on drinking it wasn't as full-bodied as I ideally like.

Next - a slightly more expensive Selfridges purchase: a Charles Smith Boom Boom Syrah from Washington State, which sounds right up my street.


A friend of mine has restaurants in London and he has a really talented Sommelier on his team.

Chatting to him was a revelation. Whilst they do go for serious estate bottled wines at stupid prices he told me that supermarket wine can be really good.

His main advice was to check that the label said 'Imported by' only. Most wine is imported in tankers and then bottled here and they only list a postcode "Imported by such and such and bottled at WS7 8RD etc.

Portuguese and Spanish Wines are more often bottled at source. Aldi have a Douro wine called Animus. There is now a cheap version and a reserve one. The cheaper one is only £5 and the reserve is £7. It's really good. I had an utter wine snob praising it and he couldn't believe it when he found out it was £5 from Aldi!!!

Tesco has a £5.50 range called 'Campaneo' with a Garnacha and a Tempranillo.

I just love getting a decent bottle of plonk for under £6.00. Favourite wine at the moment is also from Tesco and is again a Spanish one, it's called 'Mucho Mas'