Pembroke Castle and Penally

Started by Slim, May 23, 2022, 10:06:16 PM

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Spent a long weekend at Penally in South Wales, and we went to see Pembroke Castle. The most interesting thing about this actually was a superb talk given by a guide there named Gareth, a retired history teacher. He told us about the Norman invasion of Wales, and the historical reason that very few people in that part of the country speak Welsh.

The aperture-actuator solenoid on my Pentax DSLR failed a year or so ago, meaning that it can't be used in fully auto (which is my usual lazy habit). However, I've figured out a way to make it usable again with an old 28mm manual focus lens with an aperture ring, that was once partnered to a film camera I had. It's a bit of a faff - you leave the camera in manual mode and choose an aperture for the conditions (f16 works fine for most shots on a bright day). Then you press the green button, the camera stops down the lens, takes a light reading and sets the shutter speed - then you're good to take a shot.


My Samsung phone did a pretty good job, as well. From the beach at Penally, looking toward Tenby.

David L