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Four minutes. Mainly on the last word.
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Two minutes.
Musicians / Cort Guitars
May 06, 2024, 12:04:36 PM
I've often looked at Cort guitars online and thought they looked quite good, with good reviews but somehow not quite for me. However, I recently watched a YouTube review comparing different brands of Telecaster type guitars and was astonished to discover how many were actually produced in the Cort factory. They make guitars for, Squier, Fender, G&L, Gretsch, Laguna, Lowden, Music Man, Schecter, Lakeland, Strindberg, EVH, Chapman, Jackson and others. Made me think.
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What a strange day all round. All over in about a minute including a line two error.
Quote from: Matt2112 on May 05, 2024, 01:54:47 PMKeeping the food theme, we'll be treated to a sumptuous meal today from the little un's Cypriot grandma as it's Greek Easter - and it's nice to celebrate the resurrection of Zeus. ;)

Ach, Matt! You were so close to a like.😁
Breakfast. Porridge with fresh raspberries and blueberries, but the blueberries were the star. Never eaten such big blueberries before. More the size of grapes. Eureka variety from Morocco which I bought in Home Bargains of all places. Only in for dog food so a lucky spot.
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Four minutes.
General Discussion / Re: Dreams
May 04, 2024, 11:08:16 AM
We were all sent home from work as Russia was just about to begin a nuclear attack. I was driven into the city centre at crazy speeds by a female colleague in an old battered Peugeot hatchback. Later, when closer to home I met another, older former colleague from a different job. She was distressed having just attended a funeral. She hugged me and asked me to buy her two blank reels of cine film, 15mm and 16mm. I tried to explain the difficulty of this request and headed for home. On the way I passed a BP filling station about a mile from where I live. There was a bed on the pavement outside so I crawled in and tried to sleep. A Polish sounding girl, a stranger, started to hassle me about when I would find the film. I explained that a war was about to start and tried frantically to find my home number on my iPhone. This is a recurring theme, being unable to make my phone function in dreams. I seemed to reach home as the dream faded.
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Five minutes.
I know that it was a repeat last night, but the BBC News caption describing the asteroid expert as an astrologer really burst my knitting. We're legally bound to pay these muppets a fee.🤬
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An ironic struggle today. Ten minutes.
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Thirty seconds.
Quote from: Thenop on May 01, 2024, 06:20:11 PMYes, so on with the bag search, and I found one (I am very picky), but it's only sold in the USA. Ughh. My wife (who by now was sick of hearing me talk about a bag - normal housholds have reversed discussions I am told) uttered: "just buy the damn thing".
So I did, but before I did I had a clear moment and Googled "discount code Kodiak leather". Found 3 of them, 30 & 20% did not work, but the 15% did! So, had a 15% discount the bag I wanted.

All of this is a pre cursor to another rant how sh!t UPS is in delivering I am sure, but I am savouring this moment.

Don't know what you're looking for exactly, but I recently bought my sister a leather backpack from  Indian company with decent website and good reviews. Prices seemed ok to me and quality was good. Arrived FedEx in five working days including personalised monogram stitching.
General Discussion / Re: Dreams
May 01, 2024, 10:11:53 PM
Two nights of terrible nightmares which I won't describe. Hopefully tonight will be peaceful.
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A real brain-fog day with consecutive line errors. Twelve minutes.