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It's the Ozrics Lotus Unfolding again
Well done Noppers.. u pretty much lead from the start so ur wordle stamina is to be commended👍 and cheers to slim for the scoreboard😀
Dental check up this morning and all good first appt in about 15 months.. they said the next could be up to 18 months away..
Deaths of Dave Myers (hairy bikers) and Richard Lewis (Curb your enthusiasm)
Wordle 985 4/6


5 mins.. alternate hell awaits ..
Family lose £165 Ryanair check-in dispute

Ryanair are cunts...
General Discussion / Re: Wordle - may contain spoilers
February 28, 2024, 08:33:57 AM
Wordle 984 3/6


Going nowhere for 10 mins.. only word I could think of for line 3. Very lucky..
Moving Pictures / Re: What's in/on Your DVD/VCR/PVR etc
February 27, 2024, 10:17:45 PM
Quote from: Fishy on February 23, 2024, 02:37:17 PMThe Welsh dystopian drama on the Beeb.. The Way
And finished off the 2 remaining eps.. not sure what to think of it tbh...
General Discussion / Re: Wordle - may contain spoilers
February 27, 2024, 08:11:10 AM
Wordle 983 4/6


About 5 mins
General Discussion / Re: Coincidences
February 26, 2024, 07:28:59 PM
On our way over to arran on Friday it got me thinking of a retired radiologist consultant who I often bumped into when I worked on site before covid who had his own place in Arran.. took a while to remember his name... not seen him for quite a long time
We came back on Sunday and was coming off the ferry and who do I see waiting to board.. none other than Dr D Rawlings..
Technology and Science / Re: IT Homelab
February 26, 2024, 07:22:59 PM
Due to switching my wifi over from Cisco to Aruba .. the Cisco vm has been powered down for a while which freed up a couple of dual nics in each of my Esxi hosts.. so put one host into maintenance mode and moved all running vms over to the other host allowing me to power of the host and remove the nic card.. power up the host and repeat the process for the other host nice n easy and no downtime on the live systems.. I love VMware...
Technology and Science / Re: Odd Alexa Bug
February 26, 2024, 01:31:33 PM
Latest from Amazon

Your issue has been caused by a technical issue, and we're currently working on a solution. This has been caused by some changes made in the backend system. We except a software rollout to resolve this issue.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused. The fix will be rolled out and I'll inform you when.
Technology and Science / Re: Slim Hits a Snag
February 26, 2024, 11:53:19 AM
Japan Moon lander survives lunar night

Moving Pictures / Re: What's in/on Your DVD/VCR/PVR etc
February 26, 2024, 11:51:53 AM
Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 12 ep 4
General Discussion / Re: Wordle - may contain spoilers
February 26, 2024, 08:42:49 AM
Wordle 982 4/6


About 6 mins...