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Moving Pictures / Re: Red Dwarf
Today at 10:28:13 PM
X:5 Dear Dave

Another one that recycles old ideas, but it's not bad. Red Dwarf receives a mail pod from Earth (containing a large amount of paper envelopes. I love the way that Red Dwarf mixes incongruous old-fashioned ways with the future).  See also: Better Than Life.

One of said envelopes contains a letter to Lister from an old girlfriend, which makes him a bit wistful, and raises the possibility that he might have become a father, three million years earlier.

Lots of laughs and good jokes in this one but it's a bit of a low-key idea, a million miles from all those series IV or V episodes where they have to escape some crisis.

However - there's a really funny subplot about Lister's relations with two of the food dispensers. One of them, with a very sultry and feminine French accent gets defensive when she thinks he's hitting on her. The other one is jealous about it. I just love the sentient food dispensers. There's another subplot about Rimmer possibly being demoted by the ship's computer and Kryten trying to bribe the medi-computer to get him an excuse. But it's not very interesting.

It's one of those episodes where nothing much happens but I quite liked it.
Cycling / Re: Cycling 2024
Today at 08:54:29 PM
I felt sure I wasn't going to get out again this month due to rotten weather, but happily the forecast for this afternoon changed. I'd abandoned my desk and set off on a Twycrosser by 1545. Only wanted to do 30-odd miles since it was likely to rain later, but that would see me over 400 for the month.

Stopped along Gibbet Lane on the way back to put my lights on - and found that I didn't have a rear light attached to the Tricross. Well, no matter - I was bound to have a strappy one in my backpack. And I did, but the little plastic hook that tethers the two ends of the silicon loop had gone missing. I tried to fashion a makeshift connection, but no joy. Fortunately the head torch in my backpack had a red light mode, so I switched that on and put it on my head backwards.

Not so fortunately, the red light would only stay on for a few minutes. I have no idea why. I only found that out because I got shouted at, not unreasonably, by passing motorists a couple of times.

Absolutely disgraceful that I didn't check I had proper lighting before setting off. I must own about 15 rear bike lights, as well.

Still - I didn't get run down. Back on 33.74 miles. 409 this month.

Very pleasant out there, not too cold and there was even a bit of weak sunshine early on, just enough to cast faint shadows though it wasn't bright. I didn't get rained on though I went through standing water a couple of times.

Nice to get a ride in on a Feb 29th.  An opportunity to boost the yearly tally that you don't usually get.
Cycling / Re: Equipment
Today at 03:16:31 PM

Quick version: it's not a good idea

Sad news. I used to listen to their Sunday show on Planet Rock sometimes. Never been a big fan of cooking programmes but I did like the one where they were off their heads on culinary marijuana.


Congrats to our February League Champion Norbert, another very consistent performance.
New bathroom coming along slowly, but hopefully finished early next week.

Cycling / Re: Cycling 2024
Today at 11:24:45 AM
It's had two new rear cassettes as well now I think about it, about three chains and new wheels (though that was just an upgrade, there was nothing wrong with the old ones). It had a new stem as well come to think of it. It's a bit of a Trigger's broom. And yep, did it all myself but it's not that hard once you get into it.

I did have it serviced by a bike mechanic about a year ago but that was mainly due to idleness and wanting to get it cleaned properly. He didn't replace anything except cables.
Cycling / Re: Cycling 2024
Today at 10:59:50 AM
I'm the same, the first Boardman has been a very useful cycle maintenance course. There are lots of useful YouTube videos for pretty much everything and I just picked it up as I went along.

Which reminds me - the next reasonably mild dry day, I have to put the new rear mech on the Planet X. I bought a new chain for it as well.

I have yet to change a brake pad. The Boardman has gone through a rear mech, a front mech, two sets of handlebar tape, a seat post and a few cables, but it has yet to wear out a brake pad.
Food and Drink / Re: Restaurants
Today at 10:43:31 AM
Quote from: Slim on October 28, 2022, 09:54:10 PMI thought a thread for restaurants and other eating establishments might be in order.

Today, 'er indoors and I went to a place called Stella's Kitchen, featured in a Hairy Bikers episode about a year ago, for lunch.

Sad news this morning that Dave Myers (left) has shuffled off this mortal coil at the age of 66, after being diagnosed with cancer two years ago.

As well as being well-known for cookery / travel shows, he and the other one used to present a rock programme on Planet Rock.
Wordle 985 6/6*


I had to leave it overnight! Did the first five lines after midnight then slept on it.
General Discussion / Re: This is Ukraine - Do not Panic.
February 28, 2024, 09:15:54 PM
It's that "justified or not" qualification that's doing quite a bit of heavy lifting, there.
Moving Pictures / Re: Red Dwarf
February 28, 2024, 08:37:41 PM
X:4 Entangled

Well, after two surprisingly, really good ones, this one is, like the first one, a bit crap. The plot is bizarre but unengaging, involving Lister losing a game of cards with some "biologically engineered garbage gobblers" that are really a rerun of the Kinitawowi from Emohawk in Red Dwarf VI. To ensure he pays his debt (he's gambled away Starbug and Rimmer) they've attached a groin exploder to him.

Because the cat and Kryten have become quantum-entangled somehow, they manage to find the co-ordinates of a science institution where they then find the key to unlocking it - in the form of a scientist called Irene Edgington, who has been held in stasis there. It's nonsensical and not particularly funny. But anyway, due to one of Irene's experiments going wrong, she's de-evolved into a chimp.

Oddly this episode seems to be well reviewed but it fell flat for me. It reuses a lot of old Red Dwarf ideas but I wouldn't mind that if it was interesting or funny. The one idea I liked really was the idea that the science institution space station had been manned by people chosen for their capacity to get things wrong - because some of the most important breakthroughs in the history of science have come from mistakes.
General Discussion / Re: Wordle - may contain spoilers
February 28, 2024, 02:01:43 PM
Nop just has to get it in 4 or less tomorrow, to guarantee a win.
General Discussion / Re: Wordle - may contain spoilers
February 28, 2024, 07:06:48 AM
Wordle 984 4/6*


A bit less than 15 minutes. Tough one.
Moving Pictures / Re: Red Dwarf
February 27, 2024, 11:06:39 PM
X:3 Lemons

This is the one episode made after Back to Earth that I'd seen before, and I only saw part of it. The Dwarfers find a "rejuvenation shower" flat pack in deep space. It's intended to restore its users to their youth, but they assemble it incorrectly and instead it sends all four of them back to 23AD on Earth.

There, they happen to meet Jesus (after walking 4,000 miles to India to find some lemons to make a battery out of).

It's a shame the rejuvanation shower doesnt work, because I'm not sure the jokes about Lister's dirty socks work quite so well now that he's in his late 40s.

Nonetheless - once again, this is really good. The jokes are funny, the idea to use Jesus in the plot works really well (though I'm not sure why he has a Geordie accent). It's sharp and clever and has some proper big laughs. What a pleasant surprise Red Dwarf X has been, so far.

Indira Joshi (from The Kumars) is in this one.