Memorable Christmas?

Started by Slim, December 23, 2022, 03:57:18 PM

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Wonderful read this whole thread. :)

On the "old" site I mentioned that every Christmas Eve, I drive down to the street where I grew up, park across the street from the house where I grew up and for a while just...reminisce, and think about the magical times I had there as a youngster, especially on Christmas Eve, thrilled to the brim at the magic that was happening and would especially happen the morning after.

I made that pilgrimage yet again this time round, and I even thought of taking a nostalgic walk round those streets that always have had and will have cherished memories, but an untimely battering of heavy rain put paid to that.

But the weather didn't matter; I'd done what I needed to do.

David L

I think the most underwhelmed I'd been with a present was around 1987. We'd purchased an allotment as a building plot from a family member and I embarked on a self-build. That year I was gifted a builder's wheelbarrow.
But like the earlier toolbox and socket set, that was one of the most useful presents I'd ever be given by mum and dad. I still use the toolbox, the socket set and one very battered, well-used wheelbarrow.
I still live in the bungalow it helped to build  :)
 Thanks mum and dad....for everything. Rest in eternal peace 


Today is very much about memories for me. I suppose it's now my first Christmas as a "Grown Up" as now my dad's gone it's the first Christmas dinner I've done in my own home. I just hope he'd approve of my wine choices - but being as most were liberated from his house I'll be fine.

My sister's family are coming round, we'll remember her she was born on Christmas day 1966, the first Christmas I remember. She's been dead 12 years now.

A day for memories. Enjoy it folks.


Popped my cherry with a local girl one Xmas eve in the 80's. Xmas day was memorable as I was hungover and had managed to get home in the wee hours. After my first minced pie I threw up, never touched them since.